Download Task Monster MOD – Among Us (New Role)

Task Monster adds a new role to the impostor based on a terrifying monster that can infect other players as well as set traps. Players who complete their objectives will be able to escape the map via space capsules and win the game.

Task Monster MOD

What does Task Monster include in Among Us?

The imposter will have the appearance of a monstrous alien plus he will have new abilities that will help him eliminate the rest of the players. These abilities are:

  • TENTACLE. This ability allows you to hide a tentacle in a task. It is activated with the right mouse button.
  • LEECH ABILITY. Ability to put a small monster on your head. Another player will have to remove it but has a 50% chance of being eliminated.
  • CONTROL. Allows you to manually control the GOD TURRET parasite.
  • FORCE TASK. Forces the selected player to have to perform a particular task.
  • TASKMITES. Sends two explosive beetles that damage the players they reach.
  • GOD TURRET. Possibility of placing a monster that shoots at players within its radius
  • INVISIBILITY. This ability allows the player to become invisible for a few seconds
  • PLACE WALL. Option to place a wall anywhere on the map. It is activated with the mouse wheel.
  • TRASH TRAP. Allows you to set traps that will eliminate the player who falls into them.
  • TRANSFORM. Option to switch roles between a player or the monster.
  • TAKE CONTROL. Possibility to infiltrate a machine where players must perform a task.
  • LOCKDOWN. Option to block another player.
  • INK ABILITY. Allows you to place a giant blob of ink that will damage players who step on it.

Task Monster MOD

Includes a new map based on a spaceship that has been invaded by a strange monster. It includes a new mini-game that consists of jumping a tentacle as if it were a skipping rope. The first player to stumble will be eliminated.

Download Task Monster for Among Us

This is a private MOD that cannot be downloaded. However, you can check other Free MODs on our website, where in addition to MODS you will find MODS Packs for Among Us.