Download Teacher Imposter MOD – Among Us (NEW Game Mode)

Teacher Imposter adds a new game mode where most of the players will be students and the imposter will be the teacher. The imposter will be able to transform into a teacher plus will have a number of extra abilities such as setting pencil traps or making students get on a bus that will take them wherever the imposter decides.


What does Teacher Imposter include in Among Us?

Players will have to do a series of tasks to win the game. The imposter will look like a teacher in addition to a number of new abilities:

  • Tag Trap. Allows you to place a giant one-handed trap that hits players without harming them.
  • Quiz Trap. The player who falls into this trap must answer three math-related questions. If he/she fails any question he/she will be eliminated.
  • Mini Game. All players must complete the task. The last to complete it will be penalized.
  • Break. You send a player to the break room.
  • Pencil Trap. Allows the option of placing a giant pencil trap that eliminates the player who falls into it.
  • School Bus. Allows the selected player to be transported to a specific location on the map.
  • Detention. Possibility to be able to send a player to the punishment room.
  • Toilet Trap.Allows you to place a toilet that is actually a trap that will catch any player passing near it.
  • Locker. Blocks a door or access to an area.
  • Homework. Ability to set the task of doing homework to other players.

Teacher MOD

The mini-game consists of reading a letter as quickly as possible. The player who takes the longest time to complete this task will be penalized with another extra task. The imposter will be able to make everyone play this mini-game.

Download Teacher Imposter for Among Us

This is a private MOD for Among US that is not publicly downloadable. You can check other Free MODs on our website, also you will find amazing MODS Packs.