Download Tesla MOD – Among Us (NEW Game Mode)

Tesla adds a new game mode where all players will have a car and will be able to run over other players or set them on fire. It also includes an incredible mini-game that consists of a car race between all players. If you forget to recharge your battery a crane will take you to the nearest charger.

Download Tesla

What does Tesla include in Among Us ?
Players will have to perform a series of car-related tasks (such as refueling) to level up and unlock new abilities. When players reach the fifth level they will unlock all the skills which are:

  • FLAMETHROWER. Fires a flare that eliminates the player if it hits them squarely.
  • FRUNKY CARRY. This ability allows you to pick up a player and transport them anywhere on the map.
  • SIPION POWER. Allows you to steal energy from another player.
  • TRAP. Puts a trap that looks like extra energy. It is activated by pressing the V key.
  • APP DOWNLOAD. Possibility to challenge another player to a mini-game, the slowest player will be incinerated.
  • SPEDD BOOST. Increases the player’s travel speed.
  • FRIEND REQUEST. Allows you to add other players as friends.
  • SPYWARE. Allows you to control another player remotely.
  • START CHARGE. Charges the vehicle when there is a power source nearby.
  • TESLA SUMMON. Draws another player to your position.
  • AUTOPILOT. Prevents the taskbar from slowing down.
  • DOORS. Hit another player.



It includes a new minigame consisting of a car race. It is an amazing mini-game in which players will have to compete in a car race with Top-Down perspective (like in the first Grand Theft Auto games). The last player to finish will be eliminated.

Download Tesla for Among Us

This is a private MOD that is not available for free download. However in the Free MODs section you can find a multitude of MODS to download for free as well as Packs of the best MODS for Among Us.