Among Us Texture Packs – Download for PC Windows (2021)

The texture packs for Among Us allow us to edit the entire aesthetic part of the game, without changing any other element. It could be said that a texture pack is the biggest aesthetic change that the game can undergo without changing anything in its gameplay. Likewise, and although only apply an aesthetic change to the game, all players in the game will have to have it installed to see the skins of other players.

What is included in a Texture Pack for Among Us?

The Among Us Texture Packs offer us new customization options for the game, among which we can highlight the following:

  • New skins for the game, of the theme in which the texture pack is inspired by.
  • New textures for the Among Us map, inspired by different themes.
  • New hats.
  • New costumes.

All of these items are usually present in almost any texture pack.

Download Texture Packs for Among Us

Today we have several texture packs quite interesting, especially if you are a fan of some of the themes in which they are inspired. Remember that in order to play with your friends, everyone must install it on their PC.