Thanos MOD (Among Us) – Download (PC Windows + APK Android)

The Thanos MOD is one of the most popular ones nowadays, since it allows the impostor of the Among Us game to become Thanos and acquire special powers. To download and install this MOD on Android and PC, just follow the steps we are going to show you.

What is Thanos MOD for Among Us

It is a modification that adds the new Thanos role to the game, which will replace the impostor role. This new role will have to collect the infinity gems, which will grant him special powers (depending on the gem used). When Thanos collects all the gems, he will be able to use a special ability (finger snapping), which will allow him to kill all the players at the same time.

These are the functions of the different gems included in Thanos MOD:

  • Orange Gem: It is the most difficult gem for Thanos to get, since it can be collected by the Crewmates, who will always know its position. It should be the last gem the impostor should go for, unless he gets it quickly before the Crewmates (but they know his position at all times)
  • Blue gem: Allows you to create portals, which function like ventilation hatches.
  • Red gem: Allows you to be invisible for a period of time.
  • Green gem: Allows you to go back in time for a few seconds.
  • Yellow gem: Allows to copy exactly the skin of another player for a period of time (including add-ons)
  • Purple gem: Allows you to activate an ability that kills all players around Thanos, within a range of distance.

Thanos MOD Among Us

As you can see, this is a very fun MOD for the impostor, but being such a powerful role, it is recommended that there is only one Thanos per game. Remember that if Thanos collects all the gems, he will win the game, so you will have to guard well the orange gem so he never gets all of them in his possession.

How to download Thanos MOD for PC

The latest version of this MOD (v1.2) is only compatible with version 2020.12.19s of Among Us, and has not received any more updates since then (nor does it look like it will). Still, it’s one of the best publicly available MODs, as most are private, so it’s worth downloading that version and playing around with the new Thanos role.

Link – Download

How to download Thanos MOD APK for Android

This MOD is originally available on Android, as it is a modification of the original application. In order to play Thanos MOD with your friends, it will be necessary that you all have the app installed, so pass it to your friends before playing so they can download it. You will just have to replace the original application with the MOD version we offer you here below.

Unfortunately, this MOD is private and can not be found separately, although sometimes you can find it available in two of the most famous MOD packs of the moment. Keep an eye on them to get access to Thanos MOD and many others from a single MOD: