Download THOMAS.EXE MOD – *NEW* Among Us Role (Train)

Thomas.exe adds a new role for Among Us that allows us to play with the appearance of the most famous train on TV. On the map there are numerous train tracks that the impostor will travel along to catch the rest of the players. Players will have to be careful as Thomas has many tunnels that function as shortcuts.

Thomas EXE MOD

What does Thomas.exe include in Among Us ?

The players will be able to duck to avoid being run over by the train or caught by its lights. They must also complete a series of tasks to try to stop the train. The impostor has the option of being able to evolve (two evolutions), will be able to travel the map through the train tracks, and will also have a series of new abilities such as:

  • Smoke Stack. It summons clouds of smoke that will damage players who fail to dodge them in time
  • Twisted Tracks. Allows turning sideways on the tracks.
  • Burning Beams. Possibility to mute players through the long headlights.
  • Wrong Way. Allows lowering of the track barrier.
  • Choo Choo. This ability allows you to increase speed for a short period of time.
  • Feeding Frenzy.In the final version of Thomas we will be able to eat players with this ability.


Thomas has a level bar that allows him to evolve twice. In the first one Thomas the train appears while in the second one an evil version of him appears. In the final version Thomas is a mix between a train and a monster with insect legs. The final version includes the Feeding Frenzy ability plus the ability to move much faster around the map.

Download Thomas.exe for Among Us

This is a MOD that is not available for public download. You can check other Free MODs on our website, we also have free MODS packs available.