Download Tiebreaker MOD – Among Us (NEW Game Modifier)

Tiebreaker MOD is a new MOD for Among Us that adds a new modifier to the games, which can appear randomly, and will add a special effect in the game. Downloading this MOD will allow you to access a new rules within the game, which gives freshness to the game.

What does the Tiebreaker MOD add in Among Us?Tiebreaker MOD Among Us

When the Tiebreaker modifier is randomly activated in a game, the game will have a new rule that will apply to all votes:

  • When there is a tie in the vote, the tiebreaker vote will be worth double, so his decision will count more than the others.

The tiebreaker will be applied to any player randomly, regardless of their role, and does not apply any new targets to the one who possesses it (they will remain the target impostor or crewmate).

Download Tiebreaker MOD for Among Us

This modifier is included within the Town Of Us MOD pack options, so the best option to play it is to download that MOD pack.

Download Tiebreaker MODLink