Download TIKTOK VS YOUTUBE MOD – Among Us (NEW Game Mode)

TIKTOK VS YOUTUBE adds a new game mode where most of the players will be Tiktokers but there will be one player who will be Youtuber. Players will have to complete a series of tasks to level up and unlock new abilities offered by this MOD while the impostor tries to eliminate the rest of the players.


What does TIKTOK VS YOUTUBER include in Among Us?

Most players will be TIKTOK, they will have to perform a series of tasks in addition to avoiding and/or eliminating the imposter if they want to win the game. To emerge victorious they will have four new abilities which are:

  • BRIEFCASE. This ability allows the player to deactivate traps.
  • GIVE PHONE. If you see a baby nearby use this ability to entertain it and you will earn points.
  • WAKE UP. Allow other players to sleep for a few moments.
  • RUNNING MAN. This skill allows you to increase your running speed for 45 seconds.


The imposter will play the role of YOUTUBER which will allow him to transform into four different roles that will have different abilities:

  • YELLOW. The new role includes two new abilities > BRIEFCASE. Option to set a briefcase trap that will trap players who pass over it.
  • PINK. This role transforms us into a character out of Minecraft and adds two new skills:
    • PUT DOWN. Allows you to pick up another player in your arms as if he were a baby and then eliminate him.
    • BABY ATTACK. Option to throw a multitude of babies in an area of the map that will damage the players that fail to entertain them.
  • RED. This new role includes the ability to shoot another player from a distance to eliminate them (SNIPER)
  • GREEN. Includes a new ability (SLEEP) that allows you to put the player you select to sleep.



It includes a new mini-game that consists of a race through a maze. The player who arrives last will be thrown into the burning lava of the volcano and thus eliminated. The impostor will be able to start the mini-game through the MAZE skill and will also have a series of advantages such as being able to see the map of the labyrinth before the race starts as well as being able to choose where to start it.

Download TIKTOK YOUTUBE for Among Us

This is a MOD for Among Us that cannot be downloaded since it is for private use. We recommend you to visit the Free MODs section on our website, where you will find free MODS and Mod Packs to download easily.