Download TIME LORD MOD – Among Us (NEW ROLE)

Time Lord Role is a new MOD for Among Us that gives you access to a new role in the game. Downloading and installing Time Lord will give you access to exclusive content that cannot be found in the original game, allowing you to enjoy a new role.

What does TIME LORD add in Among Us?

The player assigned with the new role of Time Lord will have the ability to reverse time in order to prevent the death of a teammate. When the Time Lord reverses time, all players will go back in time 3 seconds (default). The time reversal number can be customized in the MOD options.

Time Lord Role MOD Among Us

The Time Lord will always be attached to one of the crewmates, and his goal will be the same as all the others, to detect the impostor. The ability to reverse time can be useful in some specific occasions, and can even change the course of the game if used in the right way.

Download TIME LORD for Among Us

This MOD can be downloaded separately, but it is recommended to download and install it using a MOD Pack that includes it, such as Town Of Us. We leave you the link to that MOD Pack, with which you can enjoy this and many more roles in a single installation.

Download TIME LORD MOD – Link