Download TRACKER MOD – Among Us (NEW Role)

The new Tracker MOD for Among Us includes a new role that will be randomly assigned to one of the crew members of the game, and that can be combined with other roles thanks to the MOD Packs in which it is included. It is a fairly simple role but that gives enough play if you know how to take advantage of it.


What does TRACKER MOD add in Among Us?

The special ability of the new Tracker role is very simple: you will be able to choose a player from the entire game to track and follow in their footsteps. When applying this ability on a player, the Tracker will always know his position, which will be indicated with a directional arrow.

If the Tracker is a good player, he will not name anyone from the beginning, and will wait to have indications about a player to assign him and follow his steps. With the information obtained from the position of that player, the Tracker could draw conclusions about whether or not he is the impostor.

Download TRACKER MOD for Among Us

You can download this MOD along with many others, within the The Other Roles Pack, which we recommend for playing Among Us MODs with friends.