Download UGLY MOD – Among Us (New Mode)

UGLY adds anew game mode based on beauty. Most players will play the role of Pretty while the imposter will play the opposite role. This new MOD adds new skills for all players. Players will have to perform the usual tasks plus they will be able to use the closets or different machines that are on the map to increase their score.


What does The Pretty MOD include in Among Us?

Prettys players will take the role of Pretty and their goal will be to increase their beauty in order to get into a famous nightclub, Pretty Club, they will also have new abilities such as:

  • USE BEAUTY. This ability allows you to use closets that will increase the player’s beauty.
  • REMOVE UGLY. Allows you to free another player from mind control however the player who triggers this ability runs the risk of being trapped by the parasite controlling the impostor.
  • ROLL. Option to bypass the UGLY STICK.
  • MIRROR TELEPORT. Option to be able to transport between a series of mirrors on the map.


The impostor will play the role of Ugly plus he will have new abilities which are:

  • SMASH MIRROR. Allows you to break the mirrors that transport the rest of the players.
  • UGLY STICK.This option decreases the beauty level to the minimum of all players who fail to dodge this vine.
  • SPREAD UGLY. Allows you to mind-control another player plus when a teammate tries to save you they will be infected with the same parasite.
  • DONKEY TRAP. Possibility to put an invisible donkey that will hit the nearest player. It is activated with the V key.
  • UGLY STARE. Option to decrease the beauty of another player.
  • Option to decrease the beauty of another player.
  • PAPER BAG. This ability allows you to put a paper bag over the impostor’s head that will turn him invisible.
  • GAS TRAP. Option to set a gas trap that will subtract score to the players who pass over it. It is activated with the C key.
  • TUB O GREASE. Allows you to eliminate another player with a single touch. It is activated with the right mouse button.
  • MIND CONTROL. Possibility to control other players remotely.

pretty mod

Includes a new mini-game based on the famous children’s game where someone counts facing the wall while the rest of the players get closer. When the person counting turns around, all players who move will be eliminated. This time, the impostor can decide when the rest of the players must remain still. The player who is spotted first or who arrives last at the finish line will be eliminated.

Download UGLY for Among Us

This is a private MOD that is not available publicly. However, we recommend other Free MODs on our website, where you will also find free MODS Packs for Among Us.