Download VIRUS MOD- Among Us (NEW Role)

Virus adds a new game mode where all players will be viruses that will have to damage the player’s body. The new map that this MOD presents us with is a human body. Players will have to catch infections to level up and unlock new abilities. It includes a new mini-game that consists of getting colors by mixing other colors. The player who takes the longest to overcome this challenge will be eliminated.


What does Virus include in Among Us?

The players will change appearance as they complete tasks such as absorbing infections. This MOD for Among Us includes the possibility of playing the role of a virus for all players who will be able to unlock new abilities. In addition the impostor will have to prevent the rest of players to finish with the body for it will have a number of skills such as:

  • ANTI REVIVE. It prevents players from being able to use the ability to revive.
  • BLACK INFECTION. Allows to set or remove a severe infection. It is activated with the V key.
  • ABSORB TAG. Creates a giant mucus that subtracts life from nearby players.
  • REVIVE. Option to revive a teammate.
  • DEFIBRILLATOR. Electrocute a player and cause him to lose level points.
  • BODY CURE. Activates the mini-game option with another player.
  • REAL INFECTION. Option that allows you to gain level points with an infection.
  • ADRENALINE. This ability increases the player’s speed considerably.
  • TRANSFUSION. Allows you to pick up another player and bring them to your side.
  • PARASITE. Option to put a parasite that other players will be slow to see.
  • PLAY DEAD. Allows you to change your appearance.

Download Virus MOD

It includes anew map based on a human body where different areas are differentiated as corridors that look like tracheas or columns that look like bones as well as giant excrements. On the other hand in the map we will find a series of veins that allow the player to transport from one place to another instantly although this ability (ENTER VEIN) is unlocked at level 2 and will appear in the middle of the screen.

Download Virus for Among Us

This is a MOD for Among Us private that is not available for public download. However we recommend other Mods on our site, where you can download MODS for Among Us quickly and easily.