Download Wedding MOD- Among Us (NEW Game Mode)

Wedding adds anew game mode where nine of the players will be brides and one will be the groom. The groom will try to escape while the brides can shoot perfume if they see the groom although the groom will also have a number of abilities to distract the brides.


What does Wedding include in Among Us ?
All brides will have an ability called FREE BRIDE that will allow them to shoot perfume. On the other hand, the groom will have to complete tasks to level up and unlocknew abilities such as:

  • WEDDING DANCE. Paralyze all nearby brides as they won’t be able to resist the music and will stay dancing in a fixed location.
  • STEAL GUN. Eliminates a player from a distance with a kind of bomb that detonates after a few seconds.
  • LONG.
  • LONG DISTANCE. Allows you to travel on the fly to another part of the map.
  • WEDDING CAKE. Possibility to place a big cake in a specific place on the map.
  • INVISIBLE. This ability prevents seeing the groom.
  • ROSE WALL. Allows you to put up a large wall blocking off rooms or corridors.
  • KISS. The girlfriend kisses a player and the player will not be able to attack her.
  • KISS.
  • LOVE CIRCLE. You stop all brides within a close radius. Love for the groom will prevent them from moving.
  • SEARCH. Possibility to search on the map among the mailboxes where there will be bonuses.
  • SPEED. Allows to increase the player’s scrolling speed.
  • SPEED.
  • DIVORCE. This skill eliminates a player
  • TELEPORT. This ability allows you to transport to another part of the map instantly

Download Wedding

It includes a new map decorated for a wedding, there is even a giant cake in the center of one of the rooms, there are also areas of the map (decorative plants) where the groom will be invisible.

Download Wedding for Among Us

Wedding is a private MOD for Among Us so it is not available for public download. But you can check other Free MODs on our website where you will find the best MODS and Packs of MODS for Among Us.