Download WORKOUT vs FAT MOD – Among Us (NEW Role)

Workout VS Fat adds a new game mode based on the physical form of the players. In this MOD players will be able to exercise and eat, depending on their role players will have different abilities. Eating benefits the impostor but harms the players.


What is included in WORKOUT x FAT in Among Us ?

Players will be able to exercise on a treadmill or eat chocolate jelly plus they will have new abilities that will allow them to perform new actions such as picking up a player and transporting them to another location. As in most MODS it includes different skills depending on whether the character plays as a player (Workout) or imposter (Fat). Workout’s abilities are as follows:

  • THROW CHICKEN. This skill allows us to level up to the maximum level when we find a box full of chicken.
  • SMASH. Smash to the ground damaging players near the area of the hit.
  • JUMP ROPE. The player will jump rope and also move faster.
  • TREADMILL. Allows you to use the treadmill.
  • PICKUP. Allows you to catch another player.
  • ULTIMATE. Eliminates another player by throwing a ton of metal on him/her.


The impostor will have different skills that he will unlock as he completes tasks. The new abilities are as follows:

  • DOOR DASH. Allows you to run over a player with a car and is also triggered with the mouse wheel.
  • TV DINNER.Catches a player on a table and increases his weight.
  • BELLY BOUNCE. The player will jump and we will be able to choose in which area of the map he will fall to hit other players.
  • BURP. Allows to make the player invisible.
  • FOOD DROP. This skill adds food in all areas of the map.
  • CHICKEN THROW. Allows you to tie a player to a chair and bait them with food until they are eliminated.
  • TRANSFORM. Allows you to change appearance.
  • EAT CREWMATE. Allows you to eliminate a player in bites plus increases the level of the impostor.
  • MIND CONTROL. Possibility to control another player.
  • CHICKEN BUCKET. Possibility to put a giant chicken bucket in a nearby area also triggered with the V key.


Workout vs Fat includes a new mini-game that consists of catching food falling from the sky. Each player will be able to catch a maximum of 15 pieces without leaving them in one of the two pots that appear, plus one player will have the advantage of being on a higher level. The player who gets less food will be eliminated.

Download WORKOUT vs FAT for Among Us

This is a private MOD for Among Us that is not available for free download although it is not available we have other Free MODs on our website, where you will also find Packs.