Download XBOX MOD- Among Us (NEW Game Mode)

XBOX adds a new game mode inspired by the Microsoft console where players will play the role of Xbox consoles. All players are Xbox consoles that will change their appearance and unlock new abilities as they level up, to level up they must play consoles that are in many points of the map.


What does XBOX include in Among Us?

Xbox adds a number of new skills that you get by completing tasks. The abilities are as follows:

  • CONTROLLER. Increases the character’s movement speed
  • SPYWARE. Opens a screen where you can perform two actions. On the one hand it allows to transport the player to another place of the map and on the other hand it infects another player with a blue virus that ends up eliminating him.
  • FRIEND REQUEST. Allows you to add friends. This ability
  • RED RING. Allows you to eliminate a player through a red circle that will mark the player seconds before being eliminated.
  • JTAG. This ability allows you to test another player.
  • GUITAR HERO. Start the guitar mini-game.
  • BATTLE ROYALE. This skill allows you to start the mini-game where players will engage in rifle combat in pairs.
  • START WATCHING.  Allows you to see the players move around the map.
  • INSTALL GAME. Allows you to hack a console and decide whether a player levels up or down when playing.
  • GAMESTOP BAG. Allows you to capture a player and transport them to another location.
  • TRAP VIRUS. It is a trap that starts a mini-game where the affected players must unclog the toilet. If they do not succeed they will be eliminated.

Download XBOX

It includes a two new mini-games. In Guitar Hero where the guitar of the famous Guitar Hero appears with a colored bar and an arrow that moves quickly from one side to the other. The player will have to try to hit the center (the green area) to get as many points as possible also will have three attempts.

It also includes another mini-game called Battle Royale where players will be paired up and armed with rifles. It is a battle in pairs. After the battle one of the eliminated players will be randomly chosen and eliminated from the game.

Download XBOX for Among Us

This is a private MOD for Among Us that is not available for public download. We recommend you to visit Free MODs on our website, where you can download MODS and Packs of the best MODS for Among Us.