Among Us Spooky Season [Event] – Information

Every year for the Halloween season the creators of Among us surprise us with different details to celebrate the Spooky Season, so we have an update that offers changes in the map to add special decorations, as well as other elements such as different hats and Halloween decorations for our characters.

Spooky season among us

Whether you’re an Impostor or a crewmate, you’ll look great in the coolest hats, including knife hats, pumpkin hats, masks, witch hats, pirate flags, wigs, and more.

In addition to the official events, it is very likely that the community will feel like celebrating this season and some MODS of this theme will come out, as well as animations and other interesting content.

How to get Among us Hats for the Spooky Season

We can get Halloween costumes and hats from Among us for the Spooky Season in a very simple way, for this we just have to access the game during this season (month of October), go to the costume section in the lobby and claim them by clicking. The best thing about these decorative elements is that if we claim them in time (and for free) they will remain in our inventory for the rest of the year – any season is a good time to wear a witch’s hat or a knife on your head!

among us spooky hats

It is also possible to get these ornaments out of season, for this we have to access the Among us platform and change the date data, indicating that we are in the month of October, regardless of the month in which we are. This way we will be able to get Among us Halloween decorations at any time of the year. We just have to keep in mind that if we are playing other games that are affected by the date, this could affect them.

Halloween decorations on the Among us map (Spooky Season)

The Spooky Season has arrived in Among us! This year we can once again enjoy new designs both for our characters and for the map, as in the corridors of the ship and in some key points we will find pumpkins, spider webs, and other Halloween decorations and surprises. The maps that will feature these designs this year will be The Skeld, and MIRA HQ.

among us map spooky season

For fans of Among us and this season, it is very exciting to enjoy these decorations, which do not affect gameplay but certainly look cool.  In addition, they are available on all devices, both PC, Mobile and Switch.