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In every video game there are objectives that we must achieve in order to win or pass levels. In Among Us we find different objectives depending on the role we are playing. The Among Us tasks are one of the main objectives of the game when you belong to the tripulantes group. Performing these tasks in the shortest time possible will be your main goal if you want to win the game as soon as possible since the longer you take the more opportunities the imposters will have to finish you and your companions. The way to win the game against the impostors will be that all the crew members finish all the tasks, including the ghosts. Once this point is reached the Crewmates group will automatically win the game. As is logical, the tasks are spread all over the map and the impostors cannot complete them, but they are given a fake list so they can pretend.

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Some features or functionalities offered by the game are to configure the tasks themselves. For example, the type and number of tasks to be performed can be adjusted from the game options, so that the gameplay can be adapted to the level of the users. In addition, in each player’s task list the task types will always appear in the same order (Common > Long > Short). This also happens in the same way by default in Freeplay mode, although the game is designed so that you can configure it to your liking as well.

The four types of tasks in Among Us

Short Tasks.

This first type of task only requires one stage and you don’t need to spend a lot of time on them, depending also on the player’s speed.

Long Tasks.

These tasks are characterized by having several stages and not only one as in the first case, in addition, they force the players to dedicate a lot of time to complete them.

Visual Tasks.

Visual tasks are a special type of task that allow the visualization of an animation for all players. That is, when a member of the crew tries to carry them out, it is easily checked by the rest of the teammates, since if it were an imposter, he/she would not be able to perform it, thus proving his/her innocence or ensuring that he/she is not an impostor. It is also worth noting the possibility of customizing from the options menu this type of tasks so that they are not visible to the rest of the players when they are performed and thus further complicate the game. Once the visual effects are disabled players can continue to perform and have these tasks assigned to them.

Common Tasks.

Common tasks are configured from the game host account in the game options. If these tasks are configured they will be assigned to all players in a game. If for example one player has the Card Swipe function, all other players will also have it. Conversely, if a player has no other common task, none of the players will have it. These types of tasks provide Crewmates with an easy way to rat out impostors, since if a teammate sees someone executing a common task that they do not have, they will immediately know that they are an impostor. It is important for crew members to know in advance what the common tasks are, to avoid missing a meeting by hitting the emergency button.

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List of all Among Us tasks

In Among Us, as we already know, we have different maps. Each map will have a list of tasks that is very important to know very well, as it will give us a great advantage in the game against our opponents (whether we are an imposter or a crew member). Knowing the tasks of Among Us perfectly can help us both to complete them faster and to fake them better. It can even help us to detect when an Impostor is faking a task.

It should be noted that depending on the type of map, the same task can be of a different type (short or long) and be at a different stage. That is why it is very important to know it well and not to dodge between maps.

Therefore, in the following list you can study in detail all the tasks, with their stages, the type of tasks, and the map in which we will find them:

Exclusive tasks of the map The Skeld (First map of Among Us)

The Skeld is the first map released in Among Us, and the one we know the most. It is a map that features only a few exclusive tasks, as the rest of its tasks also appear in other maps as it is the predecessor of everything. Below are the tasks that only appear in The Skeld map and that we will not be able to find in other maps:

  • Align the engine output.
    • Type: Long
    • Stages: Upper engine and in the Lower engine stage
  • Empty container.
    • Type: Long,
    • Stages.
    • Stages:
      • visual
      • O2
      • Storage

The Skeld Tasks

Tasks exclusive to the Polus map of Among Us

  • Align telescope.
    • Type: Short
    • Stage.
    • Stage: Laboratory
  • Filling cylinders.
    • Type:Short
    • Stage:O2
  • Repair weather node.
    • LONG: Long Outdoor (Node_TB, Node_IRO, Node_PD, or Node_GI) or Lab
    • SHORT: External (Node_CA or Node_MLG) or Laboratory
  • Insert keys.
    • Type: Common
    • Stage.
    • Stage: Shuttle
  • Monitor tree.
    • Type: Short
    • Stage.
    • Stage: O2
  • Open water channels.
    • Type: Long
    • Stage.
    • Stages:
      • Boiler room (left and right)
      • Outside (under Office)
  • Reset Wi-Fi.
    • Type: Long
    • Stage: Communications
  • Register temperature.
    • Type: Short
    • Stage.
    • Stages:
      • Laboratory
      • Outdoor
  • Repair drill.
    • Type: Corta
    • Stage: Laboratory
  • Replace water canister.
    • Type: Long
    • Stages:
      • Boiler room
      • Office
  • Scan boarding pass.
    • Type: Common
    • Stage: Office

Tasks exclusive to the MIRA HQ map (Among Us)

  • Artifact Assembly – This is a short task that is in the Lab stage.
  • Buy drink – short type and is found in Cafeteria.
  • Measure climate Short Balcony
  • Process data Short Office
  • Perform diagnosis Short Platform
  • Corta Platform
  • Order samples Short Lab
  • Sort Lab
  • Watering plants Long Watering plants Greenhouse

Exclusive tasks for The Airship (Among Us)Map.

  • Clean Toilet Cut Room
  • Decontaminate Short Main Room
  • Display photos Long Main room
  • Dress mannequin Short Camera
  • Shower setup Short Showers
  • Prepare hamburger Cooking Cutter
  • Collecting towels Shower Cutter
  • Ruby Polishing Camera Cutter
  • Storing pistols Arsenal Cutter
  • Store rifles TCorta Arsenal
  • Reset brakes Long Electric
  • Rewind ribbons Long Security
  • Sort Records Short File
  • Long Ventilation Long Ventilation
  • Open safe Long Cargo hold

Common tasks in several maps of Among Us (The Skeld, MIRA HQ, Polus, The Airship…)

  • Calibrate distributor – Task common to two maps:
    • In The Skeld it is a short task of the Electricity stage.
    • In The Airship is a short task of the Electricity stage.

calibrate distributor task

  • Trace route – We will find it on three maps:
    • The Skeld: Short task found in Navigation.
    • Mira HQ: Short task found in Administration.
    • Polus: Short task found in the Shuttle.
  • Clean O2 filter – Found in two maps:
    • The Skeld: Short type task found in the O2 stage.
    • Mira HQ: Also short, this time it will be in the Greenhouse.

o2 filter tasks

  • Destroy asteroids :
    • The Long Skeld, Visual Armament
    • MIRA HQ Long Balcony
    • Polus Short, visual Armament
  • Divert energy:
    • The Skeld Short Electricity Communications, Lower Engine, Navigation, O2, Security, Shields, Upper Engine, or Armament.
    • MIRA HQ Long (Short if Laboratory) Reactor Administration, Cafeteria, Communications, Greenhouse, Laboratory, Platform, Medical Wing, or Office
    • The Airship Short Electricity Arsenal, Cabin, Engine Room, Pit Room, Main Room, Briefing Room, or Shower Room
  • Emptying Dumpster
    • The Skeld Long, visual Cafeteria Storehouse
    • MIRA HQ Short Cafeteria
    • Polus O2
    • The Airship Long Kitchen, Main Hall, Sickbay Meeting Room
  • Enter id
    • MIRA HQ Common Administration
    • The Airship Meeting Room
  • Reparar cableado
    • The Skeld Common Complete in three of the locations shown, in the following order: Electricity > Warehouse > Administration > Navigation > Cafeteria > Security.
    • MIRA HQ Complete in three of the locations shown, in the following order: Warehouse > Hallway > Locker Room > Greenhouse > Laboratory.
    • Polus Complete in three of the locations shown, in the following order: Electricity > O2 > Office > Decontamination > Laboratory (right) > Laboratory (left).
    • The Airship Complete in three of the locations shown, in the following order: Observation Area > Engine Room > Main Hall > Showers > Lounge > Cargo Hold > Briefing Roomamong us tasks
  • Reload engines.
    • The Skeld Long Store Upper Engine Store Lower Engine Store
    • Long Store Engine Store
    • MIRA HQ Short Platform
    • Polus Long Outer Warehouse (to the right of Shuttle) Outer Warehouse (to the left of Shuttle) The Airship Long Cargo hold Engine Room
  • Examine Sample.
    • The Skeld Long Medical Wing
  • Prepare Shields.
    • The Skeld Corta, visual Shields
    • MIRA HQ Corta Administration
  • Stabilize Direction.
    • The Skeld Short Navigation
    • The Airship Short Camera
  • Start Reactor.
    • The Skeld Long Reactor
    • MIRA HQ
    • Polus Specimen Room
    • Specimen Room
  • Storing artifacts Polus Short Specimen Room
  • Send scan.
    • The Skeld Long, visual Medical Wing
    • MIRA HQ Polus Short, visual
  • Pass card.
    • The Skeld Common Admin
    • Polus Office
  • Unlock Collectors.
    • The Skeld Corta Reactor
    • MIRA HQ
    • Polus Specimen Room
      • The Skeld Corta Cafeteria, Communications, Electrical, Navigation, or WeaponsUpload data.
    • Administration
    • Polus Long Electricity, O2, Office, Specimen Room, or Armament Communications
    • Administration
    • The Airship Long Staterooms, Cargo Hold, Pit Room, Archive or Camera Outside Security or Observation Area Short Armory, Cabin, Communications, Sickbay or Observation Area Outside Security or Observation Area


Among us tasks

Tips and curiosities about Among Us tasks

Here is a list with some tips and curiosities related to the tasks of the different maps and versions of Among Us. We have considered that these indications will be very useful for your games, and you will be able to make a difference if you carry them out successfully.

  • A very frequently used trick to catch imposters is to watch the taskbar and see if it goes up when they are completing one. Unfortunately, this trick is not always entirely accurate as another teammate may have completed a task simultaneously and the impostor could claim credit for that task without actually being true.
  • If a player who has completed a task is not a player who has not completed a task, he or she may not be able to complete it.
  • If a player participating in Freeplay mode adds something to their task list during a sabotage that is not a communications sabotage, then the tasks on the list appear below the alert relating to the sabotage.
  • The Airship is the only map where no visual tasks are included.
  • Skeld has the most visual tasks included.
  • Polus has the highest number of common tasks
  • Some of the tasks are placed in a default location in the task list but are actually outside of the specified location.