Virtual Reality (VR) comes to Among Us 🥽

At the video game awards gala “The Game Awards”, the creators of Among Us announced some incredible news, and that is that Among Us will soon be coming to virtual reality!

When that time comes, the map will not only be a two-dimensional space in which we have to lead our beloved crewmates, but we will also be able to feel in the skin of them themselves through a three-dimensional experience, in which we will see the ship along with all the rooms and objects inside, with a quite attractive design.

Among Us VR

This exciting news has come as a surprise for fans of Among Us, as the game will have the same excitement as always, but will add a very important visual update, which will make players feel even more immersed in each game. The game experience will be much more realistic, making us feel part of the crew itself. In each meeting we will have all our teammates in front of us, adding intensity to their reactions.

It should be noted that the VR version of the game will not be compatible with the original version, and of course, we will need to have virtual reality glasses to enjoy this new experience.

If you want to see a small sneak peak of what the game will be in VR, you can watch the official launch trailer, in which we will see Red observing different points of Skeld in first person.

Soon we will have more information about release dates, previews, new trailers and other news. Just keep an eye on this page, where we will be telling you all the information about any news that comes out for Among Us. Remember that here you will find content from the original game, MODs and maps for the game, new games related to Among Us, and much more.