Download Friday Night Funkin’ MOD – Among Us (New MODE)

Friday Night Funkin’ is a new MOD for Among Us in which we will have two main characters of the FNF: BoyFriend and Daddy Dearest, plus the appearance of one of the bodyguards of the Dearest family. It also offers numerous decorative elements based on Friday Night Funkin, and new abilities for the crewmates and the Among Us Imposter. This MOD has become especially popular after being played by some famous youtubers such as SSudee and his group of friends.Friday Night Funkin MOD Among us

What does Friday Night Funkin’ MOD add in Among Us?

This new MOD includes a new game mode in which we will enjoy both the appearance of characters and new decorations. It consists of two main characters, BoyFriend (who will play the role of the Impostor) and Daddy Dearest (who has special abilities to help the crewmates).  Here are some highlights in this Friday Night Funkin’ MOD for Among Us:

  • Different designs based on Friday Night Funkin’
  • New abilities for Daddy Dearest:
  • Sing Loudly, Wave Block, Speed, Ear Nuffs, Mall
  • New skills for BF:
  • Convert (ability to turn crewmates into Bodyguards), Rave Wave, Invisible, Disco Ball, Guitar Strum, Speaker Steap, Mic Throw, and more
  • New musical tasks based on FNF
  • New Mall section where you have to dodge FNF arrows
  • Minigame inspired by Friday Night Funkin’s tutorial week
  • New victory animation

fnf mod among us

Friday Night Funkin’ MOD allows you to enjoy a different game in which not only the Impostor plays the main role, but also the new role of Daddy Darest, who has a greater power when it comes to catching the impostor and defending the crew from his attacks.

Download Friday Night Funkin’ MOD for Among Us

Unfortunately, this MOD is not yet available to the public, as it was developed privately for a group of Youtubers. However, you can access many other new roles and new game modes from our website.