Download Guardian Role MOD for Among Us (New role)

The new Guardian role for Among Us, played by famous streamers such as DisguisedToast, will grant a new special ability to one of the crew members. Downloading Guardian MOD will cause that, at the start of the game, one of the crew members will be randomly chosen as Guardian, which has the main goal to protect all the other crew members from impostors’ attacks.

What ability does the new Guardian role have?

The Guardian role will have the special ability to be able to protect one of its teammates. This protection will grant a shield of immortality to the player who receives it, which cannot be killed by the impostor. If the impostor attacks the protected crew member, the shield will break and the crew member will be unprotected for the next time.

Although on its own this MOD is not as spectacular as others, it gains a lot when combined with other roles, such as the Snitch. Imagine that the Snitch discovers the imposters and the Guardian protects him with a shield, this combination would be much more powerful than protecting a normal crew member, and this happens with any role that is combined with the Guardian.

How to download Guardian Role MOD for Among Us

Unfortunately, this MOD is private and can only be played by streamers or content creators to whom Ottomated, the developer, provides their MOD PACK. In the future, Ottomated will perhaps release their MODs for all players, until then we can enjoy other great MODs from Among Us: