Download IKEA MOD – Among Us (NEW Mode)

IKEA is a new MOD for Among Us inspired by the multinational company Ikea in which we will find different characters including 9 managers and an employee. This MOD offers a new game mode in which the employee will have to build furniture and take care of the subsidiary (as well as kill his bosses), while the managers chase him. Below you can discover more details about this MOD of Among Us.

among us ikea mod

What does the IKEA MOD in Among Us add?

This new MOD includes a new design for the characters, which will be dressed as Ikea manager, while one of them will be dressed in Ikea employee uniform. If we get the role of employee we will have more than ten skills that will help us to fulfill our work, we will even find machines along the way with which we can get lives or extra skills.

ikea mod among us

If it is our turn as manager, we will also have our own skills and we will have to catch the employee and not die trying. We are in front of a MOD that offers a touch of humor, because we even have a skill called “Karen” alluding to the typical complaining customer.

In Ikea MOD we will also find mini games and decorative details that allude to an Ikea store, so on the map we will find furniture, coat racks, and other elements of the most original.  Below we tell you some of the most notable features in this new MOD of IKEA by Among Us:

  • New design and decorations for the map
  • New IKEA-inspired tasks.
  • New design of managers with costume.
  • Employee design with IKEA uniform.
  • Extra lives and skills.
  • New skills for the employee:
    • Shower trap
    • Search Chest
    • Plank teleport
    • Karen
    • Reverse disguise
    • Cart
    • Showrom
    • Speed
    • Steal Weapon
    • Invisibility
    • And more
  • New mini-game

IKEA MOD allows you to enjoy a different game in which we will have different mini-games and a new design for the characters. This is a MOD that is worth trying, as it offers us new games full of madness and guaranteed fun along with our group of friends, in which we will have incredible designs inspired by this creepypasta video game that has gained greater recognition lately.

Download IKEA MOD for Among Us

Unfortunately, this MOD is not yet available to the public, as it was developed privately for a group of Youtubers. However, you can access many other new roles and new game modes from our website and add a touch of fun to your Among Us games.