Download Morphling Role MOD for Among US (New Role)

The new Morphling role MOD for Among Us is a new game modification that adds a new role, which is a special imposter with special abilities. When you download and install Morphling MOD, the new role will be automatically assigned to a player in the game.

What does the Morphling role do and what ability does it have in Among Us

This new role will be part of the impostors, but there can only be one, so if there is more than one impostor, the other impostors besides the Morphling will be normal. The new ability of this special impostor allows him to become identical copies of the other players in the game.

In order to become a copy of a crew member, you will first need to obtain a DNA sample from the person you want to clone. After this, the “Morphling” option will be activated, with which we will be able to become the player from whom we have obtained a DNA sample.

As you can imagine, this allows the impostor with the Morphling role to be much more flexible and elusive. The ability to morph into others will give him the ability to confuse the other crewmembers, being able to impersonate another to kill crewmembers, making them believe that the impostor is that other.

How to download the Morphling MOD for Among Us

It’s a shame, but this MOD is still private. It’s being developed by Ottomated, the same developer of one of the most famous MODs to date (Proximity Voice Chat MOD). If at some point this MOD comes out, you can find it on this same page. In the meantime, you can play other best MODs of Among Us.