Download Poppy Playtime MOD – Among Us (NEW Mode)

Poppy Playtime is a new MOD for Among Us inspired by an independent horror, action and adventure videogame called Poppy Playtime, who brings us his antagonist which is a blue and hairy monster with elongated body parts, quite creepy but nice at the same time. This character has also become famous in MODS of other video games such as Friday Night Funkin’, and it’s not surprising, since this little monster gives a lot of gameplay and has a lot to offer.

Poppy Playtime MOD

What does Poppy Playtime MOD add in Among Us?

This new MOD includes a new design for the characters, which will have long arms and other body parts, inspired by the aforementioned video game. It also includes a new version of the impostor in which we will enjoy Huggy Wuggy and his new abilities. The main objective of this game mode will be to run away from the monster if we are crewmates, and chase the crewmates if we are Huggy Wuggy. In addition, it has quite entertaining mini-games like a mini-game of a stuffed animal hooking machine (in this case we will hook crewmates), and other game modes and abilities like a killer train called Choo!Choo!

Poppy Playtime

Here are some of the highlights in this new Poppy Playtime MOD from Poppy Playtime by Among Us:

  • New design and decorations for the map
  • New tasks inspired by Poppy Playtime.
  • Design with long arms for the crewmates.
  • Huggy Wuggy design.
  • New skills for Huggy Wuggy and crewmates.
    • Raslin’
    • Choo!Choo!
    • High Five!
    • Some more
  • New mini-games
    • Peekabo
    • Crane Game

Poppy Playtime MOD allows you to enjoy a different game in which we will have different mini games and a new design for the characters. This is a MOD that is worth trying, as it offers us new games full of madness and guaranteed fun along with our group of friends, in which we will have incredible designs inspired by this creepypasta video game that has gained greater recognition lately.

Download Poppy Playtime MOD for Among Us

Unfortunately, this MOD is not yet available to the public, as it was developed privately for a group of Youtubers. However, you can access many other new roles and new game modes from our website and add a touch of fun to your Among us games.