Download Recess Imposter MOD – Among Us (New Rol)💼

Recess Imposter is a new MOD for Among Us in which the figure of the school principal is included in the game, plus a lot of details that will make us laugh our asses off and have a lot of fun. This MOD adds several features that change the gameplay, which you can discover below.

Recess Imposter MOD

What does Recess Imposter include in Among Us?

Recess Imposter features the new Impostor figure, Recess Imposter, who we will see dressed in a man’s suit and red tie, as well as with accessories such as a moustache, a pencil behind the ear and a briefcase. The main mechanics of this MOD focuses on a bar measuring the level of fun of each crewmate, they will have to take care of performing tasks and completing small actions to keep it at the maximum, which will allow them to leave school with their friends and get rid of the clutches of the director (Imposter). Below you can see a list of some of the new features of this MOD:

  • New decorations for the map
  • New rooms
  • New tasks
  • Skin for Recess Imposter
  • Abilities for the Imposter
  • Skills for the crewmates
  • Mini-game of slides and balls

Recess Imposter

Recess Imposter offers a new design for the Among us map, in which we will find a lot of details like drawings on the floor, swings, desks, and elements reminiscent of the classes and the schoolyard. These details look really good in the game, achieving a very successful atmosphere. Both the Impostor and the crewmates will have special abilities to accomplish their mission, and they will also be able to enjoy a mini-game.

One of the objectives of the game is to always have the crew members’ fun bar full, something that we can fulfill or not, but what we will have is a game full of fun.

Download Recess Imposter for Among Us

This MOD is not yet available to the public, as it was developed privately for a group of Youtubers. However, you can access many other new roles and new game modes from our website.