Download Scary Grandpa MOD – Among Us (New Mode)đź‘´

Scary Grandpa is a new MOD for Among Us which includes a new game mode in which we will have the figure of the terrifying grandfather, an evil grandfather who will replace the Imposter and will be dedicated to chase the crewmates, catch them, farting stinky on them, and much more. If you want to know what this MOD is about and the new features it includes, read on.

Scary Grandpa MOD

What does Scary Grandpa include in Among Us?

Scary Grandpa offers a different game, with a MOD that is included in the horror theme, in which we find other MODs such as Scary Baldi, Scary Elmo or Scary Teletubbies. These are usually MODs that include a terrifying figure from which the rest of the characters have to run away. This time we have a charismatic but unpleasant grandfather, who will not leave his grandchildren alone. Some of the interesting features of the MOD are:

  • New decorative elements
  • New character: Scary Grandpa
  • New mini tasks
  • New rooms
  • Mini Game
  • New skills

among us scary grandpa mod

In Scary Grandpa we will see an old mansion full of cobwebs and other decorative elements that give the appearance of being a terrifying and very old place. It could not be less, because in the map we will find Scary Grandpa’s house, where we will see chandeliers, abandoned dolls, and much more.

Throughout the game we will find obstacles such as a giant denture that traps us leaving a puddle of slime, as well as other traps shaped like teeth or even doors locked with chains. The crewmates will have keys and skills to fulfill their mission, while the Impostor (Grandpa) will also have his own skills and the ability to activate a mini-game of the most fun.

This is a MOD that offers the opportunity to have fun with friends, especially for those who enjoy the horror theme, but it also has a touch of humor.

Download Scary Grandpa for Among Us

This MOD is not yet available to the public, as it was developed privately for a group of Youtubers. However, you can access many other new roles and new game modes from our website.