Download Slime Imposter MOD – Among Us (New Mode)👾

Slime Imposter is a new MOD for Among Us which includes a new game mode in which we find two main figures: the bad slime and the good slime. Both will have an opposite mission, because the good slime has to protect the king while the bad slime has to attack him. This is a MOD with a quite original content, which includes both new mechanics and new visual aspects for Among Us.

Slime Imposter MOD

What does Slime Imposter include in Among Us?

Slime Imposter offers a new game mode in which we will have the green slime (good slime) and the red slime (bad slime), both with a different design but quite cool. These monstrous creatures will have to fulfill their mission successfully and to do so they will have to make use of their customized skills. Some of the most interesting features of this MOD are:

  • New decorations for the map
  • New designs for the crewmates
  • New design for the impostor
  • Different skills for the players
  • Mini game

Slime Imposter

Slime Imposter has a really cool map design, in which we will see green snot all over the rooms, as well as other elements that give an incredible atmosphere. From the moment we enter the lobby to wait for our companions we will see a relevant visual change both in the map and in the appearance of the players. In addition, the MOD offers quite interesting abilities for the Impostor (red slime), who can bounce and absorb the other slimes, among others. It will also have a radar, and of course, the option to activate a mini-game in which we will have a slime ball battle. For their part, the crewmates will also have their own abilities.

Download Slime Imposter for Among Us

This MOD is not yet available to the public, as it was developed privately for a group of Youtubers. However, you can access many other new roles and new game modes from our website.