Download Snitch Role MOD for Among US (New role)

Snitch MOD for Among Us is one of those mods that offer new roles within the game, in this case the “snitch”. It must be said that, despite not adding impressive new abilities, this MOD is one of the most fun ones that have appeared to date.

What abilities does the Snitch role have?

By having this MOD installed, a player in the game will be randomly assigned to have the role of Snitch. This new role is somewhat complex: when the Snitch has only one task left to complete all of them, he will automatically know who the impostors are. But it doesn’t end there, because otherwise this role would be unbalanced: the impostors will also be able to know who the Snitch is when it has only one task left.

From that point on, both the Snitch and the Impostor will have to convince the other teammates to accuse the other and get him out of the game. This confrontation of interests is what makes this new role one of the best to date.

Here you can see a video of Disguised Toast playing with this MOD:

How to play Snitch MOD in Among Us and how to download it

As much as it hurts to say it, this MOD is not yet publicly available for download by any user. It is a MOD developed by Ottomated, which offers it to streamers so they can use it in their games. There are many other interesting MODs that you can download while Snitch is released for everyone: