Descargar Treasure Island MOD – Among Us (Nuevo Modo)

Treasure Island is a new MOD for Among Us in which we will have a new treasure island map and a really cool new design of the characters, which will be mounted on a pirate ship. This is a cool MOD of Among Us that offers a really original design, because instead of being on the ship we will find ourselves in the water surrounding the island, which also offers changes in gameplay, with a different gameplay. This MOD has become quite popular recently, as it has been played by the famous youtuber SSundee and his friends.

Treasure Island MOD

What does Treasure Island MOD add in Among Us?

This new MOD includes a new game mode in which we will have to sail the seas and find the hidden treasure, as well as having to escape from the clutches of the deep sea monster, an octopus with many tentacles that will try to make us disappear.

treasure island

At the beginning of the game we will have the possibility to go to the port, spawn a ship and get on it, from there the real fun begins! The Imposter (in this case Evil Pirate) will have the abilities of the crewmates, along with more special abilities. These numerous new abilities make a big change to the gameplay.

Here we tell you about some of the most notable features in this new MOD of Among Us pirates:

  • New map design
  • Internal treasure map.
  • Pirate ship for players.
  • Tenebrous ship.
  • New abilities.
  • New skills:
    • Canon Shoot
    • 50/50 Board
    • Create Board
    • Enter Board
    • Save
    • Grappling Hook
  • Special abilities for the Impostor.
    • Whirl Pool
    • Giant Wave
    • Whirld Wind
    • Dive
  • New tasks
  • Marine Monster

Treasure Island MOD allows you to enjoy a completely original and fun game mode, on a map that has a setting that looks really good. This is a MOD that is certainly worth trying to have a different game of Among us together with our friends.

Download Treasure Island MOD for Among Us

Unfortunately, this MOD is not yet available to the public, as it was developed privately for a group of Youtubers. However, you can access many other new roles and new game modes from our website.