Download Vampire Role MOD for Among Us (New Role)

Vampire MOD is a modification of Among Us that adds a new role to the game, which will be assigned to the impostors, who will have three new abilities. Downloading this new role will give you access to a completely different game mode, and being the impostor will be more fun than ever.

Vampire role

How to play the Vampire role in Among Us

The new vampire role will be assigned to all impostors, who will have three very powerful new abilities:

  • Bite: will kill a crew member, but only for 15 seconds.
  • Bat: turns you into a bat that flies at a higher speed than other players.
  • Blind: fills the map with black smoke that prevents a good view of the crew members.

On the other hand, and to try to help the crew members a little, they will have the ability to place garlic on the ground, which will create an area where the vampires will not be able to use their abilities normally.

Here’s a video from Socksfor1 where you can get a better look at how this new role for Among Us works:

How to download Vampire MOD for Among Us

The new vampire role comes built into a MOD that is private so unless you are a content creator, you will have to wait for the MOD to be released to everyone officially. Until then, you can have fun with these MOD packs, which feature multiple roles in a single MOD: