Why are Among Us servers down and not working?

Among Us does not work? Despite being a game known by millions of people worldwide, it is a game that has numerous problems in the form of bugs and poor server performance. That is why, from time to time, failures like today’s happen, causing the Among Us servers to be down or overloaded, which does not allow them to function normally.

According to the developers of InnerSloth, who have already spoken out on the matter, this would only be a matter of a temporary problem that has already been fixed a few hours ago. Here you can see the official tweet:

If Among Us doesn’t work or its servers give you problems, you can always go to the official Twitter account to check if the developers are already working on it.

How to play Among Us when the servers are down

If you can’t play the game because the servers are crashing, the solution is to play on public Among Us servers that are not owned by InnerSloth. The clearest example of this is Skeld.net which, in addition to adding numerous new roles and game modes, allows us to play when the Among Us server is down.