Guide to get all Among Us (PS4 and PS5) trophies 🏆🎮

As we all know, the launch of Among Us for PlayStation took place recently, in addition to the launch of Among Us for Xbox. On this occasion, we bring the perfect guide to get all the Among Us trophies on both PS4 and PS5, because while some are quite simple to get, we will have others that are somewhat more complicated. In this section you will find a step-by-step guide that will explain how to get the Among Us Platinum trophy, along with the rest of the trophies and challenges that are proposed to us.

among us guia de trofeos

Before we start, the first thing you should know is the number of achievements (challenges) that we can get and the difficulty level of each one of them. In addition, another important fact that we must know is that not all possible trophies are at first sight, because we will also have some secret trophies in Among Us. To learn about them and how to get all of them, just keep reading.

All Among Us trophies for PlayStation 4 and 5 [+ secret trophies]

Nombre/Imagen Logro Tipo de trofeo
among the greats among usAMONG THE GREATS Win all trophies among us platinum
Scourge among usSCOURGE Get 150 Kills among us gold trophy
taskmaster among usTASK MASTER Successfully complete 500 tasks among us gold trophy
never suspect a thing among usNEVER SUSPECT A THING Win two games in which you are an Imposter with 2 living Imposters at the end of the game among us gold trophy
hunger among usHUNGER Get 3 kills before a meeting takes place among us gold trophy
sherlock among us trophySHERLOCK Win a game as crewmate in which all your votes have been for the Imposter among us gold trophy
circumventer among usCIRCUMVENTER Win a game as an Impostor without using ventilation ducts among us gold trophy
Assassin asmong us trophiesASSASSIN Get 50 kills among us silver trophy
manager among usMANAGER Successfully complete 100 tasks among us silver trophy
a ship adrift among usA SHIP ADRIFT Win three games on the Skeld map among us silver trophy
corporate lockdown among usCORPORATE LOCKDOWN Win three games on the MIRA map among us silver trophy
unearthed among usUNEARTHED Win three games on the Polus map among us silver trophy
toppat crewmates among usTOPPAT CREWMATES Win three games on the map The Airship among us silver trophy
saboteur among usSABOTEUR Win a game as an Imposter using sabotage among us silver trophy
a well oiled machine among usA WELL OILED MACHINE Win a game as a Crewmate by completing all tasks among us silver trophy
slasher among usSLASHER Win a game as an Impostor by managing to kill all Crewmates among us silver trophy
impossible task among usIMPOSSIBLE TASK Complete the card task on the first attempt among us silver trophy
lights out among us trophiesLIGHTS OUT Get a kill during light sabotage among us silver trophy
watch me scan among usWATCH ME SCAN Get killed while scanning among us silver trophy
A taste for it among usA TASTE FOR IT Get your first Kill among us bronze
killer among usKILLER Get 5 kills among us bronze
intern among usINTERN Successfully complete 10 tasks among us bronze
survivor among usSURVIVOR Survive and win a match as Crewmate among us bronze
smooth talker among usSMOOTH TALKER Win a game by vote as an Impostor among us bronze
crewpostor among us trophyCREWPOSTOR Fix a Sabotage you started yourself as an Impostor among us bronze

How to get the achievements of Among Us for PS4 and PS5

Once you have taken a look at all the achievements that you can get, you will get an idea of which ones you will be able to achieve easily and which ones will resist a little more. It is clear that the ultimate goal is to get the precious platinum trophy based on effort and overcoming in each game, which will crown us as an expert in Among Us. The best thing to do is not to give it any more thought and start our master plan to get all the achievements.

Some of the achievements are really simple, especially the bronze achievements. These are focused on beginners and could be classified as “tutorial achievements”, as the simplest of all is “A taste for it” and is achieved the first time we manage to perform a Kill while being an Impostor. I bet most of you can already get it with your eyes closed. Another fairly simple achievement is the “Crewpostor”, as well as not having too much complication can be a great trick to help us win the game.

Leaving aside the bronze achievements, which will serve us to warm up engines and start to get into the role of crew member of the ship, we decided to start with the silver achievements or those that already begin to have a higher level of difficulty. However, there is one of the bronze achievements that we will include in this section, because although it is not too complicated, we know that some people may find it difficult. It is “Smooth talker”. In this challenge we have to win a game by voting as an Impostor, which will require us to bring out our greatest communicative and persuasive skills, managing to deceive our fellow players. If you are one of those people who find it hard to lie and you can’t hide your guilt, these tips to be a good Impostor in Among Us may come in handy.

Within the silver trophies, we have a group of trophies whose achievement consists of winning 3 games in the different maps: Airship, Polus, MIRA, Skeld. Here you can find information about Polus GG and the maps it includes to help you successfully overcome the challenges offered by each of them.

We also have achievements that refer to the completion of tasks, this is something that can be achieved by being constant in each game and farming like an ant. However, here you can find some tricks to perform the Among Us tasks successfully and get the gold trophy “Task master” faster.

Cheats to get Among Us achievements for PS4 and PS5 easily

So far, we have been talking about how to get these achievements by yourself through dedication in each of the games. However, there are some ways to get these achievements by going “cheat” and without complications, getting a quick and effective result. Below you will find the hacks to unlock Among Us achievements for PlayStation easily:

Smooth Talker

This task is easily achievable if we go to the online mode and create a private game. We go to the game settings options and customize it by selecting 4 players and an Imposter as a minimum. In the map section we choose Skeld. The players can be real or bots, the important thing is that it is our turn to be an Impostor in the game. Once the game starts we just have to press the button to call an emergency meeting and take out the conviction skills to vote for the same player. This process has to happen a second time for you to be victorious with your trophy. It is much easier to win it this way than playing with our group of friends.

A well Oiled Machine

This task will also be easier to achieve if we access a custom game. For this we use the same characteristics: Skeld map, 4 players and at least one Imposter. This time we will select three short tasks in the custom settings section and leave the rest at 0. Play as a crew member and dedicate yourself to complete as many tasks as possible in a short time.

Lights Out

For this trophy we will enter a public online game and once we find out what our role is we leave the game. Then we go to the free mode and go to the settings in the lobby. In addition, we will select Impostor. Once we are in game we perform the sabotage and quickly go to kill a bot. Right after that we repair the lights and the challenge is done.

Impossible task 

As we well know, the card task has resisted many of us in the first attempts. However, there is a way to be more relaxed and get this achievement without so much difficulty. First we will enter the online mode in a public game. Once we know if our role is crewmate or Impostor we leave the game and access the free mode. We go to the game settings and activate the card swipe task. Once in this game we will be more relaxed and the challenge works the same way, so it will be easier to complete it on the first try. If we fail, we just have to repeat this process until we succeed.

As we can see, it is much easier to get most of the achievements in games with bots. The same goes for the achievements of getting kills and completing tasks, so if any of these challenges resist you by the traditional method, you can always make use of some of these little tricks.

So much for the tutorial full of tips, we hope you can take advantage of them very well. We just wish you the best of luck and hope that you will soon become an Among Us expert with a trophy to prove it. See you next time!