Download Death Note MOD for Among Us (New Role)

The Death Note MOD for Among Us (& Life Note) gives the impostor the famous ability to kill people by writing their name in a black notebook. By downloading this MOD, you will be able to access two new roles, that of Death Note and that of Life Note.

Death Note Among Us

How to play Death Note Among Us

As you can imagine, the game would be too boring if special rules were not added for the imposter who acquires the Death Note. These are the rules for using the death book against the crew members:

  • The impostor must have crossed paths less than 20 seconds ago with the person they wish to kill.
  • When the imposter writes the real name of the player he wishes to kill, the player will die within 30 seconds (which will give you time to react or call an emergency meeting if you catch the imposter writing his name).

Also, the Life Note bearer has the option to revive corpses by writing their name on the Life Note given to them. Here is a video of the Youtuber who unveiled this unique MOD:

How to Download Death Note for Among Us

Although it is not to anyone’s liking, this MOD is for the moment for private use, as it has been designed to create content on Youtube. If by any chance it is released publicly, we will update the post with the download link. In the meantime, we recommend you take a look at some of these MODs (they are our favorites):